Zoo Gift Shops are important places for zoo visitors to shop souvenirs and bring home special reminders of their visits. Paint by Numbers is a fun and educational souvenir that will help create lasting memories for years to come for children and adults. 

For Zoos, good souvenir items not only generate revenue but more importantly, help to build customer loyalty and generate further leads. People buy Paint by Number kits either spending a lot of time painting the pictures themselves or give away as unique gifts for their special someone. Once the paintings are finished, people always put their masterpieces on the most prominent place on their wall. Loyalty and Word-of-Mouth will thus be built and shared through fun and proud. 

myPaintLab Paint by Numbers tailor makes Paint by Numbers products for zoos of all kind. Zoos either choose from the animal themes we already have in our collections, or send us the most popular animal stars in their zoos and we make these super stars as the themes of Paint by Numbers kits. Text and logos can all be customized.

So let us look at what myPaintLab has already in the collections.

Animals in realistic style Paint-by-Numbers:

Animals in cartoon style Paint-by-Numbers:

Animals in illustration style Paint-by-Numbers:

Animals in Vector Art Paint-by-Numbers (very popular!):

Animals in abstract style Paint-by-Numbers:

Deer Art Paint-by-Numbers:

Animals in oriental style Paint-by-Numbers:

About myPaintLab Paint by Numbers:

myPaintLab is a brand that exclusively specialized in Designing and Innovating, as well as Producing and Distributing of all sorts of Painting by Numbers products. At MyPaintLab we have chosenInnovationPassion and Quality as our core values. 

  • myPaintLab's online store has the largest collection of more than 1500 different Paint by Numbers stunning themes with different styles for adults and kids. Visit www.paint-by-numbers.store to find out more.
  • myPaintLab offers a super service of customized Painting by Numbers kits for private families. To put it simple, we convert your own photos to Paint by Number kits.
  • myPaintLab also customize Paint by Number kits for business and organizations.Either as company promtional products or as souvenirs, Paint by Number kits are great innovative gift ideas.
  • We deliver world wide, contact us with service@mypaintlab.com for ordering, cooperations or reselling partnership.
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