Free Paint by Numbers templates for adults

Free Paint by Numbers templates for adults

Feel free to download the pdf Paint by Numbers Templated below for free! Choose your favorite themes, download them and then print them out. Then find a set of color pens/pencils with 24 or more colors, the more the better but do worry if you have less, there can be ways to overcome it.

Paint the outlined areas one by one and you decide which color to use by referring to the colors of the corresponding areas in the reference image. You choose the right (or the closest) color you have that matches the target color. If you do not have the color, then think about which other color you have makes best sense or you like the best. Important thing is to allow enough and harmonious color difference to reflect the color layers and light & shade.

This is the fun part where you practice color indemnification, comparison, replacement and even more advanced, in case you have learned, how to mix colors. There is no right or wrong colors but only a result that makes sense or the bottom-line, if you like it, matters. Through the exercise you shall see how different elements make up of a Bild, especially the shadows and small color differences, and of course, details.

These free templates are mostly for exercising and experiencing. If you want to do real paintings then choose from more than 2000 themes from different categories. In our Paint by Numbers Kits, you get the premixed acrylic paints ready prepared for each theme, and templates printed on canvas (can also be stretched on stretcher bars) for sizes between 20*30 to 80*180cm in different formats. You can even make your personalized motive in Paint by Numbers kits and paint it yourself.

 Free Paint by Numbers templates for adults in pdf for downloading: