Puzzles(jigsaws)has been popular tourist souvenirs and gifts since years, but what about something new, more challenging long lasting and fun?

Painting by Numbers emerges as a great trend for tourist souvenirs and is getting really hot in the tourism Industry. Check out what a Painting by Number is if you are not familiar with it. A Paint by Numbers kit basically allows everyone to be able to paint masterpieces by themselves even without any knowledge of painting.

How does Painting by Numbers work for the Tourism Industry?

1. Tourist destinations, making their landmarks as customized themes for Painting by Numbers kits and offer these Paint by Numbers products onsite as souvenirs or gifts.

  • The Paint by Numbers products will be painted by the customers themselves and shown to their friends and loved ones with fun and proud.
  • Every painting not only reminds the nice time one had, but also shares the experience with more people just as you show your holiday pictures to your friends. The only difference is that you always hang your paintings on the wall. This brings incredibly more return and new visitors.

Every kind of nice photos can be made into Painting by Numbers products.


Slot Loevestein (original photo and painted masterpiece on wall)

Slot Ammersoyen (original photo and finished Paint by Number Painting)

Regardless if it is public or private owned, castles owners do the Paint by Numbers kits as souvenir or gifts.

Classic Landscapes:


Historical Old Towns:

Cultural Elements:

”Doors in Amsterdam“

And of course nice towns such as Giethoorn!

2. Hotels (especially the castle hotels), restaurants also make their buildings, logos with creative design as Paint by Number kits and give away to their regular clients.

3. Museums also make their most popular collections as Paint by Number for their visitors so that they can recreate the art at home by themselves.

The application of Painting by Numbers are unlimited for the tourism and hospitality industry, and remember, Paint by Numbers are not a craft only for kids, 60% of the painters are adults!

How to order:

  1. Decide the photos you want to make them as Paint by Number themes. Send the photos over to us and we will consult with you the feasibility of your photos and send you the digital effect, what the theme will be looked like as final paintings.
  2. Minimum ordering volume starts with 25 pieces per theme. We will convert your photo into Paint by Number kits.
  3. Price: starting from 26 Euro per 40x50cm Paint by Numbers kit for a customized theme without shipment. Contact us for more details.

A Paint by Numbers kit has everything you need to finish your own painting:

A typical Painting by Number kit will look like this: 1. packaging, 2. canvas with painted outlines (stretched over stretcher bars), 3. a printed painting guide, 4. paint brushes, 5. paints you need for this specific painting.

About myPaintLab:

myPaintLab is a brand that exclusively specialized in Designing and Innovating, as well as Producing and Distributing of all sorts of Painting by Numbers products. At MyPaintLab we have chosen InnovationPassion and Quality as our core values. 

  • myPaintLab's online store has the largest collection of more than 1500 different Paint by Numbers stunning themes with different styles for adults and kids. Visit www.paint-by-numbers.store to find out more.
  • myPaintLab offers a super service of customized Painting by Numbers kits for private families. To put it simple, we convert your own photos to Paint by Number kits.
  • myPaintLab also customize Paint by Number kits for business and organizations.Either as company promotional products or as souvenirs, Paint by Number kits are great innovative gift ideas.
  • We deliver world wide, contact us with service@mypaintlab.com for ordering, cooperation or reselling partnership.
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