We make from your own photo a Paint by Number kit,and than you can paint the painting of the photo yourself. Check out what a Painting by Number is if you are not familiar with it.It is a great gift idea for the loved ones and family!

So we start from a photo of yours, after painting that yourself, this is how it looks when you put the painting on your wall.

So here is how it works. You send us your photo (see DOs and DON'Ts instructions below) and we convert your photo into Paint by Numbers kit, with the outline of your photo printed on canvas and divided on areas. Each area has a number and a corresponding numbered paint to use. Gradually painting the areas over, you get your own masterpiece done, even without any knowledge of painting.

Photo conversion:

A typical Paint by Number kit with all you need for doing the painting:

A typical process of printing the Paint by Numbers kit:

So why don't we be more creative? We can even help you to optimize and manipulate your photos before converting them to Painting by Numbers kits. So you can be whoever you want to be and dress whatever you want to dress...

Even more? Okay! There is just no boundary for imaginations and creativities.

Some important things to bear in mind for the photos provided as input for Paint by Number kits:

Some more examples:

Where to order? Go with this link (shipment costs will first need to be verified with our team depending on where you are)

We also cusomize Painting by Numbers kits for business and organizations.Customized Paint by Number kits serve as great company promitional products and souvenirs.

About myPaintLab:

myPaintLab is a brand that exclusively specialized in Designing and Innovating, as well as Producing and Distributing of all sorts of Painting by Numbers products. At MyPaintLab we have chosenInnovationPassion and Quality as our core values. 

  • myPaintLab's online store has the largest collection of more than 1500 different Paint by Numbers stunning themes with different styles for adults and kids. Visit www.paint-by-numbers.store to find out more.
  • myPaintLab offers a super service of customized Painting by Numbers kits for private families. To put it simple, we convert your own photos to Paint by Number kits.
  • myPaintLab also customize Paint by Number kits for business and organizations.Either as company promtional products or as souvenirs, Paint by Number kits are great innovative gift ideas.
  • We deliver world wide, contact us with service@mypaintlab.com for ordering, cooperations or reselling partnership.
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