About myPaintLab

About myPaintLab

myPaintLab is a brand that exclusively specialized in Designing and Innovating, as well as Producing and Distributing of all sorts of Painting by Numbers products.

myPaintLab was founded since 2008 by a team of Painting by Numbers enthusiasts & professionals. We have been supplying for most of markets in the world ever since and in recent years we have brought our brand and products online with eCommerce and serve our customers around the world. We have 3 offices (California USA, New South Wales Australia and Shanghai China) as well as one fulfilment center in Germany to support customers from different continents. For orders from Europe, our products will be directly fulfilled from Germany. Please contact the service team that is next to you for support.

At myPaintLab we have chosen three core values— Innovation, Passion and Quality as the basis of our brand culture. We love what we do and keep innovating to bring Art, Aestheticism and Fun with best quality to our customers.

myPaintLab offers one of the largest collections of Painting by Numbers themes (more than 2000 themes) in the industry and offer a comprehensive Customized Painting by Numbers Service for the business and private users.


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