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We convert your own photos into Paint-by-numbers kits. Make your loved ones or memories as a unique work of art!

Now! EXCLUSIVELY by myPaintLab - Custom Paint by Numbers in Multi-Panel Designs

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Painting by numbers kits - the new hobby trend

Paint by number for adults

For many people painting by numbers has become a way tot experience relaxation and calmness. Painting by numbers not only serves tot reduce stress for adults, but is also an ideal hobby, especially for seniors, tot combine creativity and cognitive skills. myPaintLab has developed age specifc motifs for children, adults and seniors.

The painting by numbers themes are not limited tot the typical animal or nature motifs. myPaintLab has given painting by numbers an innovative boost. In addition tot topics such as nudes, artists, culture and lifestyle, we also offer modern and abstract art as painting by numbers templates. Painting by numbers is not only a hobby painting trend, but should also appeal tot those interested in art as well as people who are interested in decoration and furnishing. Thus, the motifs are also desirable wall art for decorating personal spaces. Find your favorite motif from our collection of over 2500 motifs and start painting by numbers today.

Painting by numbers know-how

Painting by numbers is good for your general well-being

We've heard over and over again how good art can be for the heart and soul. Completing a paint-by-numbers motif releases happiness hormones and gives you a boost in self-confidence. It also helps you develop the confidence tot create your own art. Coloring by numbers also helps tot develop and refine your motor skills. As we age, our bodies may need an extra boost tot keep them moving, both physically and mentally. Paint by Numbers encourages you tot flex your wrists and fingers as you control the brush strokes on your canvas.

Paint by Number develops painting skills for beginners

The reason why painting by numbers is such a popular hobby is that literally anyone, young or old, can color in designs! Whether you're a beginner or an advanced hobby painter, everyone can certainly pick up a skill or two as part of their paint by number painting process. Just like with coloring books, the paint by number sets make it easy for you tot paint field by field. Paint by number also helps you learn basic art concepts and see what colors go together, how light and shadow add depth to your motifs, and how simple brush strokes can create textures. Each area on your design is numbered - the corresponding colors will help you color in the numbered areas. Apart from developing your artistic skills. Working on a paint by number picture trains your focus with its slow, methodical painting process - and helps you relax.

Paint by Numbers painting tips

Before you start painting, you should have a glass of water ready to clean your brushes. Depending on the nature of the paint-by-numbers kit (covered or uncovered), place the picture on the tables and place it on an easel.

Then check which colors need to be applied to the numbered areas. Important: only paint with one color at a time - from the larger to the smaller areas. This will prevent you from constantly washing the brushes. Also, start painting with the dark colors first and finish with the very light colors. Let the painted areas dry before you start with the other colors. Use the fine brush to fill the areas completely with color up to the edge. Be patient and take your time painting the subject.

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