Paint by Numbers-Customization:

Personalized Painting by Numbers from your own photos

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After ordering, please send your desired motif to the following e-mail:

Custom Paint by Numbers - baby portrait


We make from your own photo a Paint by Number kit,and then you can paint the painting of the photo yourself. Check out what is Painting by Number if you are not familiar with it.


Personalized Paint by Numbers - portrait


Here is how it works:

    1.You send us your favorite photo, taken from mobile phone, pads or digital camera.


Custom Paint by Numbers - original photo


    2. will send you a draft of final effect for confirmation. So if you are satisfied with the result, confirm it and we will move to the next step.


Custom Paint by Numbers - final painting


    3. After your confirmation we then start the production of the personalize Paint by Numbers kit for you, this will include:

        a. A numbered Paint by Numbers template (see below) printed on canvas.


Custom Paint by Numbers - template with numbered areas


Custom Paint by Numbers - Canvas with numbered areas


        b. Set of premixed paints as well as the paint brushes you need to complete the painting


Custom Paint by Numbers - paint brushes


Custom Paint by Numbers - premixed paints set


        c. You can also order the wood stretcher bars as well as our stretching service, so that you get the canvas stretched over the
         stretcher bars and after the painting you can directly hang it on the wall.


Paint by Numbers stretched over stretcher bars


4. After you get your package, which includes 1. packaging, 2. canvas with painted outlines (stretched or not stretched over stretcher bars), 3. a painting guide, 4. paint brushes, 5. Premixed paints you need for this specific painting), you can start to paint yourself.


Paint by Numbers kit


Custom Paint by Numbers - paint it yourself


    5. Then have your own masterpiece proudly presented in your room!


Custom Paint by Numbers - room show


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Some important things to bear in mind for personalized Paint by Number kits:

A. Photos quality: we do not require professional photos but please make sure your photos are with acceptable quality.

    There are some basic DOs and DON’S to be minded:


Dos and Dont’s for Custom Paint by Numbers


    1.Portrait/image unclear or underexposed will not give good results

    2.Neither overexposed photos can deliver good designs

    3.People’s faces should be easy to recognize without interference

    4.Try not to have too colorful fore/background or clothes

    5.Photo backlit shall not be too bright

    6.Make sure the subject’s colors are not similar to the background

    7.The major subject should never be too small

B. Please be aware not every photo can be nicely converted into Paint by Numbers kits, so make sure you check the draft we

    send you to get an idea about what you will get.

C. One should not expect a photorealistic result from a Paint by Number Painting that will depict all details from your original photo. Painting

    is painting and not photos. The most suitable themes for Paint by Numbers customization are: animals (pets) - normally can deliver the

    best results. Personal / family portraits, holiday photos are normally the most popular personalized Paint by Numbers themes.

Click to find out more on personalized Paint by Numbers for animal & pets


Custom Paint by Numbers - cat


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We customize for business and private customers the Paint by Number Kits. Bring your own photos as Paint by Numbers' themes!


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