Complexity Level

Complexity Level of Paint by Numbers

Normally we categorize Paint by Numbers themes’ complexity in 3 types: simple medium complex.

The criteria for the categorization are based on the following factors:

-The numbers of paints used for the themes. Most of the themes have 20-24 colors and advanced themes can take 36 to 40 colors per painting.

-Theme content complexity. Themes with trees and colorful motives normally come with more details (i.e. a lot of leaves have to be painted one by one), or more colors are applied. This however can substantially enhance the richness and attractiveness of the painting result because more colors and details are depicted. Higher complexity is of course more challenging to complete and needs more patience.

-The size of the painting areas and fonts of the numbers in the painting template. Advanced themes normally have some very small painting areas because some important details need to be presented and these details can be very small (hence the numbers marked within the areas have to be also small). But again, finer details depict richer and more brilliant content.

Choose the complexity level that fits your situation. Simple themes are for kids and starters and maybe those who does not have much time or nerves for a lot of details, although some simple themes such as abstract style and modern arts can also be very attractive also for adults and experienced painters. Advanced themes are mostly for adults who really wants to take the challenges and time to get a masterpiece done by themselves.

We suggest to start with easier themes and get step by step further. For beginners start with most complicated themes, it is not abnormal to see people giving up in early stages.

difficulty levels of Painting by Numbers


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