About Color Discrepancy

Color Discrepancy

How shall we face the issue of color discrepancy?

Sometimes you might face the questions like this:my painting does not look exactly the same as I thought or some colors seems differ from what I can see in the computer screen…

So let us face the issue here: Color Discrepancy always exists, Every time and Everywhere.

Der Basically, you order the Paint by Numbers as pictured in our online store, from YOUR computer screen.

So here comes the first source of Color Discrepancy: all computers, pads and smart phone screens’ display different color results. The screen displayed colors can further differ even if you look from different angles to the screen, or if the screen is placed closer or farther to the window (sunlight), or if you view your screen in the day (under daylight) or at night (in the lamplight – Color Discrepancy goes further with different types or intensity of different lamps).

Then you start to paint the canvas after you get the paint set. Now comes the next possible source of Color Discrepancy: different canvas (cotton or polyester or mixed) as painting media (background) will result in different color results due to different canvas material and the level of whiteness (white canvas does always have the same level of whiteness – not an issue of quality but just different material).

Another perspective that will cause the Color Discrepancy is the way you paint the painting. More paints are applied will result in a thicker & darker color than less paints applied.

Now you get the painting finished and then you may again face the Color Discrepancy of your painting as we mentioned above, in daylight or lamplight, different angels etc.

There are too many factors that can cause potential Color Discrepancies to be fully listed here, and the last but not the least cause can be the subjectivity. Try to get the colors viewed by different family members of you, you will see people may perceive in quite different ways.

So with all these factors working together, there will always be perceived Color Discrepancy between the pictures you see (purchased) on the screen to the paintings completed by you.

We as the producer try always to minimize Color Discrepancy by applying calibrated screen and extremely strict color control of our paints throughout the process of production, but we can never guarantee there is no Color Discrepancy.

This however does not mean that we have no solutions for the Color Discrepancy issues.
First of all, if you understand there are many reasons can cause the Color Discrepancy, you shall, to a certain level accept the reality and no one should expect a 100% match (to the computer screen or to your mindset). Also, please focus on the major color areas that shape the overall result of the painting instead of looking at very tiny details.

However, a certain level is a certain level. If there are major color differences you encounter that make the result really unacceptable, we can do two things.

1, send us the result you have made and explain us your problems with photos. If we see there are unacceptable issues, we’ll send you a new set of paint or set of kit.

2, When possible, we could also advise you how to mix the colors you already have to achieve the color you may desire.

If the Color Discrepancy are caused by our production / logistic mistakes, the replacements will be shipped to customers free of charge. If the customers require to optimize or change the color as they would prefer, a basic shipment cost will be charged and the paints will be normally free of charge.

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