Tips and Tricks for Paint by Numbers

myPaintLab Paint by Numbers Tipps and Tricks

As a leading designer and manufacturer of Paint by Number kits, we would like to share with you the tips and tricks. These tips below will help you get the ultimate result with a well-painted picture.

Recommendations and tips on the painting process

Paint by Numbers Tipps
1.Start at the top of your painting so the drying paint stays above the side of your hand while you paint to prevent smudging.

2.We recommend going 1 color at a time as it will ensure your paints stay fresh and it is more efficient than switching between colors. Acrylic paints dry quickly, close the lids whenever you are not painting to prevent them from drying out.

3.You may want to begin with the larger areas first and then work down to the smaller, it helps you get the hang of the painting system, and it’ll also show you more of the painting as you progress and give you a feel for how it’s going to turn out.

4.It can help to organize the painting process by starting with the darkest colors first. This will not just make it easier to work your way through the painting, but it can help you figure out how the light and dark colors correspond with each other and what effect they have.

5.Have Fun! Follow rules and tips but do not make it frustrated for you. Take it easy and try to invent new ideas as much as you can. Be creative with your canvas and have faith in yourself.

Painting steps Paint by Numbers kits
  • Use white paint to fix mistakes.White paint is your best friend in case you make a mistake (fill in the wrong color / area), or if you want to hide numbers/lines.
  • Mistakes could also be fixed by directly covering the surface with the correct color, but first wait for the wrong paint to dry.
  • Use less paint than you think you need.Many spaces to be filled in are very small, and using too much paint can end up messing up your painting. Take small amounts and add as you go.
  • Take photos of the canvas before you start. In many cases, once the canvas is painted over, it is hard to remember where certain numbers were. For example, if you want to go through a second coat or clean up the edges of the painting. Photos you took can help you to come back for reference in case of any problems.
  • Add water to thin out paint. Acrylic paint is bound to get thicker as it dries. A simple solution to this is to put a few drops of water into your paint until it reaches the required consistency.
  • Break Some Rules after you get more familiar and confident with your painting skills. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, try other brushes, or add in your own ideas, because that’s how we learn.
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