Production Process for Personalized Paint by Numbers:


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Production Process for Personalized Paint by Numbers:
Customized Paint by Numbers
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Production Process for Personalized Paint by Numbers:

1.Ordering process:


Malen nach Zahlen myPaintLab Bestellprozess


2.Some important notes:

A. How to choose the best photos: Please see below chart for the DOs and Don’ts of the pictures you use.

Malen nach Zahlen Fotoguide

1.Portrait/image unclear or underexposed will not give good results
2.Neither overexposed photos can deliver good designs
3.People’s faces should be easy to recognize without interference
4.Try not to have too colorful fore/background or clothes
5.Photo backlit shall not be too bright
6.Make sure the subject’s colors are not similar to the background
7.The major subject should never be too small

Sometimes you can actually send us some photos and we can let you know which photo is best appropriate for Paint by Numbers Personalization)

B. Every personalized Paint by Numbers should normally have max. 3 persons / pets. If you definitely want to have more, please consult with us with regard to the feasibility and extra costs.

C. Rework of Design. Please note that:
-NOT every photo can be converted to a Paint by Numbers template!
-NOT every adjustment of your design can be fulfilled as you’d have liked to!
The design and conversion of a photo into a Paint by Number template is not as easy as hand painting, where you can easily adjust every details, color or brightness just with some strokes. A lot more considerations have to be made for each adjustment. Therefore, we normally offer only one time free adjustment

D. Setup costs and costs of rework:
There are always cases that some photos cannot be converted to the ideal effects that customers expected, for whatever reasons, input photo does not support the desired effect/color style, customer want very specific details to be achieved but could not be supported due to technical reasons etc. To a certain extent we have to stop further redesigns. However, the work & effort of the designers has to be covered reasonably.

We charge a Setup Fee of 15 Euro (incurred after first draft of effect is delivered) if a conversion of original photo into a Paint by Numbers template is not realized due to customers ’ desired effects cannot be fulfilled for technical restrictions. The Set-up Fee will not be charged if our design is confirmed by customer.

We however will always try to fulfill customer expectation to the maximum degree as long as it is within the technical limit.We will charge a Rework Fee of 8 Euro for every further rework after the first free rework.


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