Business Partnership

Business Partnership



Business Partnership

We constantly look for qualified business partners around the world to market and distribute myPaintLab’s Paint by Numbers products. We are interested in forging business partnership with eligible partners, who are familiar with the Paint-by-Numbers and related markets, with local business network & know-how, as well as service capabilities to the end customers.



Please contact us if you are interested in one of the following partnerships for the country and region where you are:

- Re-seller of myPaintLab Products.

Both bulk wholesale and light bulk retails are possible with myPaintLab.

- Business Representative Partners.

For qualified business partners, we grant them the Exclusive Representative Partnership for their region: all reselling and wholesaling requests will be routed to our regional Business Representative Partners.

- Fulfillment services (Local Fulfillment Partners)

If you have enough myPaintLab products in stock, we can route the customer demands in your region to our Local Fulfillment Partners, so that the delivery to our end customers will be faster.